4 Cities to Participate in Social Equity Programs

Social Equity has been the talk of the town around major cities in California and now Massachusetts. In fact, Massachusetts is the first to offer a statewide program. That means there are some prime cities to that you may live in to participate and be a part of history. Here are four major cities that currently offer Social Equity Programs.


Boston Skyline

Boston is the largest city in the State of Massachusetts and most likely will play the biggest role in the statewide equity program. The Cannabis Control Commission has a detailed outline of the program and expectations of its participants. You can read more here.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hollywood sign

The City of Angels recently opened up Phase II of its licensing round with a focus on Social Equity applicants. This round is dedicated to non-retail licenses but some pretty strict requirements must be met first. The Department of Cannabis Regulation will be giving out licenses on a 1:1 ratio meaning Social Equity applicants will be recipients of at least 50% of them. When retail licenses roll out in Phase III, that ratio will increase to 2:1.



The Town has been pioneering Social Equity efforts with applicants already having received licenses. The Hood Incubator has been leading this initiative helping thousands of black and brown people get into the cannabis industry.

San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Just across the bridge from Oakland, The City has started to ramp up its Social Equity efforts to help more people of color get into cannabis.

All of the above cities allow for incubators like ours to help applicants progress in areas such as licensing, compliance, property procurement, supply chain management, and more.