Our Mission

Our goal is to introduce minorities to the cannabis industry, with a particular emphasis on recruiting and training eligible HBCU graduates to own (and fund) successful businesses. Indeed, significant resources will be dedicated to lobbying for requisite licenses and fair representation at the political level.

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Licenses are still scarce and a significant achievement, especially for people of color who represent less than 1% of the current dispensaries in California. The organization’s mission is to earn equal representation.



Our nonprofit hopes its advocacy and policy work results in the formation of successful Black-owned enterprises; there’s room for dozens of new brands in a variety of verticals including lab testing, growing, cultivating, dispensing and more.

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In addition to facilitating brand new startups in the industry; we are poised to make an immediate impact by launching strategic partnerships starting summer 2017. We are already employing and providing tangible opportunities for young graduates of color.