Rashaan everett


I'm a digital branding and social marketing strategist with a heavy quantitative background. I have the ability to dream up creative campaigns and then execute with relentless technical analysis. I earned a full ride academic scholarship to Howard University’s School of Business. While completing my Finance degree, I launched an event planning agency that generated $250,000 in revenue, with clients including Lyft, Ticketmaster, and Redbull. I earned corporate finance experience by completing internships at Mattel, Morgan Stanley, and Capital One before working full-time for Accenture’s Technology & Media group, which was my first formal exposure to Silicon Valley. In 2018, I acquired CannaData Point of Sale Software to create a proprietary technology + delivery management platform for Good Tree. Good Tree has completed more than 20,000+ medical marijuana deliveries & produced 1.5MM in revenue. I’m also a voracious reader + admirer of Eric Lies’ lean startup methodology. I’m a 2x graduate of Stanford’s Startup School


Dr. Eric Patrick

Marketing + Curriculum Coordination

I’m a clinical pharmacist and serial entrepreneur with experience in financial literacy and digital media marketing. I serve as a Pharmacist-in-Charge within a major pediatric healthcare network which has granted me the opportunity to work with special needs patient populations and participate in a highly regulated industry with a focus on drug inventory, management, and control. My marketing expertise and strategies have helped my clients grow their communities by over 500,000 followers and subscribers across various social channels across industries from real estate and fintech to e-commerce and cannabis. My financial literacy company, Black Market Exchange, boasts an online follower base exceeding 50,000. My passion for overcoming challenges in digital media coupled with a background in a highly regulated pharmaceutical industry has led me to lead Good Tree's marketing to the next level and beyond.


Amarachi Uzosike


I am an entrepreneur, innovator, and strategist hailing from Ellicott City, MD. I earned my Bachelor of Science from Howard University in Washington, DC. As a natural-born problem-solver, I apply experience and strategy to increase the efficiency of each company I work with. My interest in and commitment to social justice and equal opportunity has inspired my work with The Greenwood Project and Growing Talent. As the child of Nigerian immigrants, I find high value in good work ethic and a job well-done. My goal is to promote community investment and entrepreneurship, especially in disadvantaged communities. I catalyze operations at Growing Talent by working closely with the team to determine business direction and execute the company’s goals and initiatives. It is my belief that effective collaboration and successfully channeling passion are the keys to having a meaningful impact.


Carl Ganz


I have significant expertise in Applied Mathematics, Applications Development, Data Science, and Cannabis Track and Trace Compliance. Before working with Growing Talent, I worked at UCLA as a Statistician responsible for implementing HIPAA compliant data pipelines. I received the first full METRC third-party certification in the state of California. Data driven workflows require several essential steps: designing the experiment, sampling, data processing, and analysis. My wide-range of technical skills allows me to make substantial contributions in each of these key areas. At Growing Talent, I teach METRC compliance, as well as integrating technology ecosystems.




I am both an entrepreneur and experienced business leader. My first job after graduating with a B.S. in Management from the University of North Carolina was as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Georgia (of the former USSR), where I started a competitive small enterprise development fund that financed micro-businesses operating out of the local bazaar. My unique experiences have cultivated a fascination with finance, specifically in areas of the economy that are under-capitalized. After earning my B.S., I earned my M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. I have since held positions with companies like Procter & Gamble and Amazon, where I promoted innovation and helped launch groundbreaking initiatives. In addition to my role with Growing Talent, I serve as the Managing Director of Good Tree Capital.



Jaylon Mclennan